About Us

My wife and I are starting this eCommerce company that we feel passionate about called Wood-Kraze. Wood Kraze provides people with products made out of renewable resources such as wood and bamboo. We believe that the use of a renewable resource is better for the environment because when they are disposed, they will disintegrate back to earth and nourish it, thus completing the cycle of life (Mufasa said it better). We as humans need to be conscious of our surroundings and must work together to help our planet breathe better and one way to do this is by eliminating the use of plastic. We depend on plastic so much and do not realize that there are other environmentally safe products that can replace plastic, like wood. By choosing to buy wood based products instead of plastic products, we will be one step closer towards helping our mother earth breathe and live a longer, healthier life. Have a great day and remember to do one good deed, everyday, for a stranger. If we all do that and spread the word about it, the world will be a better place.